Épisode 81

From: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
To: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
Subject: Reminder – your gangbang

Bonjours Anne,

Just a friendly reminder that your gangbang is scheduled this Wednesday. (I’m sure you didn’t forget and are excited as I am!) Let’s recap the details:

– The address is 5035 Orrin Avenue. Please ring twice so we know that it’s you;

– Please come at 1:00 pm. The guys will already be waiting for you in the basement, naked. There will be a mattress in the middle of the room where you can take place. The men will wait for your signal to start playing. I remind you that you chose “pickle” as your safeword. You will be the one who gets to decide when the gangbang is finished.

– From the list that you have picked, nine men have confirmed their presence – I can assure you that they will show up, I trust them completely;

– You told me that your boyfriend and three other persons will be coming with you without participating. I will ask them to keep quiet and be out of the way;

– I asked you if it was ok with you if a woman came to observe and you agreed;

– Your limits are the following: no insults or disrespectful comments, no bareback, no cum in the mouth. Anal and DPs are permitted and men will be allowed to cum on your face, tits and belly, but not in your hair;

– You don’t need to bring anything. I will be providing condoms, water bottles, wet wipes and towels. You will have access to a shower once the gangbang is finished.

If you have any questions or if I forgot something, please do not hesitate to send me an email or call me at 613-555-1072.

Looking forward to pleasuring you,



From: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
From: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
Subject: re: Reminder – your gangbang

Dear Owen,

Thanks for this reminder and these instructions. You guessed it, I’m very excited and I can’t wait being pleasured by all those handsome guys! Not only will I be able to cross the “gangbang” item from my bucket list, but I will have a terrific story to tell to my grandchildren in a few years… Nah, just kidding. ;–)

If you don’t mind, I will bring my own condoms. My skin is very sensitive and there is only one brand I trust. Oh, and another thing: I hope everybody will have cut their fingernails before the event – again because my skin is soooo sensitive, especially on those bodyparts that will be heavily sollicitated during our little romp.

Oh, and one last thing: I don’t want pictures to be taken and videos to be made. Seeing somebody holding a phone while I’m being fucked is a major turn off for me, so if you could tell everybody to hide their gizmos – especially my girlfriend that never listens to me – that would be great.

Hope I’ll be able to satisfy everybody!



Anne Archet
Vie de licorne
Le blog flegmatique
«Le cœur est humain dans la mesure où il se révolte.» — Georges Bataille
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