Épisode 63

From: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
To: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
Subject: Ottawa Gang Bang Club

Bonjours Anne,

Je parler a ton homme par dessus le telephone et il a dit que tu est interester a participer a un de nos petits events. Je aimerais beaucoup faire ta connaissance pour expliquer comment ca marche et aussi repondre a toutes tes questions que je devine plusieurs.

God… I think that’s the best I can do in French. Your hubby told me you knew some English, so I’m sending you the ad that I placed on the web… we could start from here. :–)

Ladies, have you ever fantasized about being the sexual centre of attention for a group of men… having several hard cocks all to yourself and devoted only to your pleasure? Are there things that you’ve wanted to try with your boyfriend or husband that you just can’t do with one man alone or even two?

The infamous Ottawa Gang Bang Society is a group of nice, attractive, HUNG, experienced and horny men in their twenties, thirties and forties – good looking and fit, professional and clean. And did we mention reliable? We play in a discrete residence during the day – Monday to Friday – and occasional weekday evenings in a 4 star hotel.

A woman who came to see us recently described the gang bang as « a woman’s ultimate sexual experience ». Don’t you deserve yours?

For more information about how to schedule your night, or to discuss details of what your particular event might look like, put « Gangbang – yes! » in the title of your response.




From: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
To: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
Subject: Gangbang – yes!

Hi Owen,

Thanks for contacting me. My English is not better than your French, but I think we’ll be able to understand ourselves. I sure have a lot of questions to ask – and maybe they will be simpler to answer if I call you? Anyhow, here are some things I would like to ask:

  • For how many years your Society has been operating? Why did you start it? My boyfriend told me you didn’t charge any participants… how do you manage? And more importantly, what do you get out of this?
  • Are you the owner of the “discrete residence” you are playing in? Where is it located?
  • How do you recruit the male members of your society?
  • What about safety? Is everybody recently tested for STDs/STIs? Are you practicing safer sex? Can I set my own limits about what can be done or not? (I hope so)
  • Do I get to choose how many men will participate? And do I get to pick them?
  • Can my boyfriend come with me – even if he does not participate?
  • If I say yes, what are the next steps?
  • And finally, just out of curiosity… what are usually the things that women who contact you “wanted to try with their boyfriends or husbands that they just can’t do with one man alone or even two? »



Anne Archet
Vie de licorne
Le blog flegmatique
«Le cœur est humain dans la mesure où il se révolte.» — Georges Bataille
Envoyé avec mon Commodore 64


From: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
To: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
Subject: Re: Gangbang – yes!

Bonjours encore Anne,

Your English is very good, so if you don’t mind, I won’t even bother trying to answer your questions in French. :–)

  • I created the Ottawa Gangbang Society in 2011 and it was immediately a huge success. I had at that point just retired from the event organizing business and I thought that I could make good use of my talents to help my kinkster friends to make their fantasies – and mine – come true. The Society does not have a lot of expenses and I would hate involving money in our activities. Most of the time, I’m hosting the events free of charge at my house in Centretown West and when we decide to play at the hotel, I split the cost amongst the men. That’s about it. There is a lot of labor involved in organizing the gangbangs, but it’s a labor of love. Seeing a satisfied smile on a lady’s face is my reward. ;–)
  • I recruit men mostly on the web – I’ve got ads placed almost everywhere, believe me. I usually meet the candidates prior to the event, ask them for a recent STD test and take a picture of their face and their dick. These pictures are used by the ladies to select who will be participating at their gangbang. Of course, it’s the ladies who call all the shots: they choose which male members will be participating, what they will be allowed or not to do, and so on. Naturally, your boyfriend can come with you and does not have to participate; you can bring along as many non-participating people that you want, if it makes you feel more secure. We always use condoms and practice safer sex, but if you have any other limits/requirements/rules, I will personally make sure that they are strictly enforced.
  • If you say yes (like in the subject line of you email – yeah, I noticed!), we will need to first schedule your gangbang and details of what your particular event might look like. Then, I will ask for pictures of yourself (no nudity required) and send them by email to the men to see who is available that day. Finally, you will get to choose who will fuck you senseless – and how.
  • As for your last question… the ladies that come to us usually fantasize about double – or even triple – penetration, sucking a lot of dicks (we can also set up bukkakes if you are into that kind of thing), or simply having their pleasure taken in charge by many skilled and respectful men. But this is YOUR fantasy; what can we do to make it perfect for you?

You can call me if you wish; my number is (613) 555-1072. We can meet and discuss in a public place if you prefer. Or we can continue by email. It’s your call.



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