Épisode 139

From: Anne Archet <anne@archet.net>
To: Owen Ottawa <owen-ottawa@outlook.com>
Subject: May I call you?

Hi Owen,

I’ve got myself in an unpleasant situation with the young David – I know, you warned me about him, but I let him contact me anyway. It was a really bad idea; now, I need your advice and your help. I’m attaching pictures of a greeting card he sent me, just to give you an idea of the kind of harassment I’m dealing with now.



Moi — Allô?

Owen — Hi sweetie, it’s Owen.

Moi — Owen! How do you do?

Owen — Better than you, if I understood your message correctly.

Moi — Yeah. Things got out of hand with David… and now, it’s getting really heavy…

Owen — Tell me what happened.

Moi — Well, we started my exchanging text messages. He invited me insistently for a coffee, and I always refused. But he always came back.

Owen — Stubborn little prick, isn’t he?

Moi — More than you could ever imagine. When I got tired of his harassment, he tried to break into my house.

Owen — Goddammit. That’s sick.

Moi — It was very scary, to say the least. And then, there was that greeting card with the psycho handwriting…

Owen —I will immediately ban him from the club! He’s a harasser and we have nothing to do with that kind of asshole.

Moi — Sure, that’s a good thing and I thank you for doing this… but I had also another idea.

Owen — Which is?

Moi — David told me he lived with his parents.

Owen — So?

Moi —I only have his cell phone number, not his address at home… and I want to talk to his mom.

Owen — Ha ha ha! That could scare him straight indeed! Let me see… I actually have a land line number he gave me some time ago.. It must be at his parents’ house. I never called there, though.

Moi — What is it?

Owen — Eight one nine… five five five, six two nine one.

Moi — Owen, you’re an angel.

Owen — It’s the least I can do. Hope mommy will give her son the spanking he deserves.

Moi — I’m sure she will.

Owen — I want you to call me if that doesn’t work. We’ll figure out something to make sure he leaves you alone.

Moi — I will! Thanks again for your help!

Owen — My pleasure, sweetie. Take care!

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